Binary Signals

How do you make the call – up or down? This is the basic question at the heart of every binary options trade. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? A multiple choice test question with only two options.

But as anyone who has any experience of binary options will be fully aware, it is anything but.

An enormous array of factors influences asset prices and market movements. Taking all of them into account would take an endless series of computations. You would also have to gather an absolutely staggering amount of information – about news events, political developments, economic factors, and so on.

Clearly, in order to make the correct call – up or down – in an efficient and timely manner, traders need to prioritize, and identify some crucial factors to focus on. This, obviously, is a tricky challenge. Which aspects to focus on? How to obtain the required information? How to process, analyze and interpret it?

Luckily for us, there are professional traders who have dedicated their careers to establishing exactly how to do this best.

For good reason professional traders who have attained such skills are very highly paid. The good news is that you can benefit from their expertise – without breaking the bank. You do this by subscribing to binary signals. This is a cost-efficient and effective way to benefit from professional trading advice – advice that can take your trading to the next level.

What are binary signals?

A binary signal is, in its most basic form, a recommendation as to whether you ought to invest in a high or low option. In other words, whether the market will go up and down.

A signal contains all the information you need to make a binary options trade. That means that in addition to predicting the movement of the market price, a binary signal also contains the following information:

  • Which asset the prediction concerns – i.e. a specific stock, a commodity or currency
  • At what time the predicted market movement will occur – i.e. when you ought to make the investment
  • What sort of binary option you should use – e.g. a high/low option, boundary option, etc.

This means that the only thing you require in order to make a profitable trade is a good signal. It tells you everything you need in order to win a trade.

Obviously not all signals are correct. In order to become a first-rate trader you need to also develop a high enough degree of expertise to assess a signal, and decide whether it makes sense to you.

Until you get to that level, trusting signals is a very dependable way to trade.

A very great number of traders, both newcomers and experienced market operators, use signals to guide their decision making.

How are binary signals generated?

Binary signals are created by professional traders and analysts. They use a wide range of analyses, statistical information, market data, news coverage and other pertinent information in order to predict coming market developments.

By drawing on their experience and expert knowledge, they are able to read the market and make reliable predictions. Some binary signals providers offer you the chance to learn from their professionals. They offer online tutorials where traders explain how they operate, and show you how to follow their method to make binary signals.

Many companies make a great deal of relevant information available on their websites. They have online learning centers where ambitious traders can learn from the best.

This is highly beneficial seeing as the goal of a binary trader should be to accrue enough expertise to be able to assess signals independently.

Binary signals providers

The growth of the binary signals market has led to a large number of corporations offering binary signals. Such binary signals providers come in many shapes and forms.

Most offer a subscription service. That means that you pay a monthly fee, and receive a certain amount of signals per trading day. You decide yourself whether or not you want to act on the signals to make a trade. Signals are sent via SMS and / or email.

There are big differences between binary signals providers. Differences include price, quality of their signals, and how many signals they provide per trading period.

You will normally find reliable binary signals subscriptions available for around $100 per month. You should always make sure that the provider you choose make their track record public. Unless they have a success rate that you are happy with – we recommend you choose a provider with a strike rate of at least 75 % percent correct predictions – you should not consider opening a subscription, regardless of how cheap their service is.

As we mentioned in the paragraph above, many binary signals providers offer their subscribers some sort of educational package. This is worth considering, and also paying extra for if you are an ambitious trader.

Learning more about binary signals

Not all companies that offer binary signals are equally good, or offer the same level of service or equally impressive track records. For this reason it is important to choose your provider with care.

By choosing one of the companies that we have recommended on our site, you know that you will be dealing with a reliable and trustworthy operator. By reading our reviews, you will learn which signals providers have which strong points. This will enable you to make a wise choice.

We also offer a long list of articles about all sorts of topics relevant to binary signals. On our site you can learn about different types of signals, how signals are created, signals apps, free signals, how to assess signals, ways in which the use of signals can improve your trading, and also examples of how signals can harm your development as a trader. In short: if you are interested in learning more about binary options signals, this is the place to be!

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